As a person, I (like everyone else) try to make new year's resolutions every year: to eat healthier, to go to the gym more often, to spend more time with my friends and family, to volunteer more in my community, etc.  But this year, I'm making a new year's resolution as an attorney, too.  A large part of my practice is appellate work, and I've been blessed to build relationships with my own clients, as well as with other attorneys who refer appellate clients to me and who seek my assistance with their appeals.  Thus far, I've confined my work to cases arising in the Ninth Circuit, where I am most familiar with the governing law.  To stay updated, I visit the Ninth Circuit's website almost daily, and blog about new case law.  In 2015, I will expand my efforts to all circuits.  I have already bookmarked the websites of other circuits, and will try to keep on top of new decisions impacting immigration cases, and blog about them with the same regularity that I write about Ninth Circuit cases.  By doing this, I hope to sharpen my skills as an appellate attorney and better serve my clients (both non-citizen and attorneys alike).  Wish me luck in my new endeavor!