Today was my second day volunteering in the detention center.  I accompanied a client to her re-interview with the asylum office.  The asylum office had originally found that she did not have a credible fear of persecution or torture, and an Immigration Judge affirmed that finding.  After her interview, she learned of new threats to her safety in her home country from her family.  As a result, the asylum office agreed to interview her again, and to consider this new information.  It was an emotional experience.  My client was traumatized by her experiences, and her young child cried when she left him to attend the interview.  It's heartbreaking to watch the children in the detention center suffer, but it was reassuring to observe the professional and compassionate manner in which our asylum officer conducted the interview.  Though I firmly believe that a detention center is not an appropriate place for children and that the concept of family detention is inherently unjust, I have hope that the hard work of volunteers and the compassion of some government officials can still bring about a just result for these women and their children.