Antonio Robledo-Soto is the parent of 3 U.S-citizen children.  He has one conviction for driving under the influence, which has been expunged by the criminal court.  He requested that ICE exercise its prosecutorial discretion to administratively close his removal proceedings, in light of his eligibility for benefits under the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability program put forward by President Obama.  Unfortunately, that program was never implemented because it has been enjoined by a federal court.  ICE has refused to administratively close his proceedings.  The Seventh Circuit acknowledged that it had no choice but to dismiss his petition for review, but not before analyzing the tragedy of circumstances that had befallen Robledo-Soto, and that could have been halted by ICE's exercise of discretion.  

The full text of Robledo-Soto v. Lynch can be found here: