The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has determined that when an asylum or withholding of removal applicant "raises membership in a particular social group as the enumerated ground that is the basis of her claim, she has the burden to clearly indicate the exact delineation of any particular social group(s) to which she claims to belong. While it is an applicant’s burden to specifically delineate her proposed social group, the Immigration Judge should ensure that the specific group being analyzed is included in his or her decision. If an applicant is not clear as to the exact delineation of the proposed social group, the Immigration Judge should seek clarification.”  The BIA suggested that a motion to remand based on the articulation of a new social group for the first time on appeal might be appropriate if it is based on new, previously unavailable material evidence.

The full text of Matter of W-Y-C- & H-O-B- can be found here: