When a criminal defendant does not meaningfully understand the immigration consequences of a plea bargain, it may be possible to withdraw the plea and negotiate one with less severe immigration consequences.  Our office can evaluate whether this option is available to you.


One conviction can have consequences for years to come.  For those who have had no further criminal history for at least ten years, a pardon may be ameliorate some of those consequences.  Our office can take you step by step through the pardon process.


In many cases, an expungement will not benefit your immigration case.  However, in certain discretionary applications, an expunged conviction may not prevent you from achieving your immigration goals.  Contact our office to see if an expungement could benefit you.

REDUCINg felony convictions to misdemeanors

Convicted of a felony? Successfully completed your probation? You may be able to reduce your conviction to a misdemeanor.  Contact our office if you'd like to discuss whether you qualify for a reduction.