"Sabrina is a life saver.  With a practice dedicated mostly to removal defense, I need to focus on traveling, court appearances and visiting clients in detention facilities.  Thanks to Sabrina's hard work, I have peace of mind when I need to file a brief.  I am certain of her professionalism and knowledge of immigration law.  I highly recommend Sabrina for your legal research.  You can be confident in her writing since she is always up to date on the continuous changes in immigration law." -Joan Del Valle, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

"I have hired Sabrina to work on several cases over the last year.  She is extremely responsive and the quality of her research and brief writing is amazing.  In tough situations, I feel comfortable knowing that Sabrina is on my team." -Mackenzie Mackins, Attorney, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I am writing to highly recommend Sabrina for any legal research and writing that you may require. I recently retained Sabrina to prepare a pre-hearing brief on a complicated criminal-immigration issue with a voluminous factual record. Sabrina prepared an excellent brief, masterfully integrating the facts with the most up to date legal decisions. Moreover, Sabrina accepted my comments graciously and made appropriate revisions with no complaint." -Gary Linder, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

"I came from a big calamity in my home country in Africa.  I know that it is not always easy to find the right person at the right time and in the right place;  however, Sabrina was a blessing for me because her knowledge and her abilities to work as an attorney in my asylum case made a great change in my life.  Today, thanks to her professionalism, my asylum has been approved." -R.K., Client

"Although our firm focuses on employment and investor immigration, we frequently use Sabrina's expertise on issues regarding the intersection of criminal and immigration law.  Her thorough assessment of complex issues is an invaluable resource to all attorneys at our firm and is a critical service that we are able provide to our clients." -Eric Dominguez, Attorney, Costa Mesa, CA

"Just want to say a big thank you to Sabrina for helping me with my residency process. She was very knowledgeable and always made herself available to answer questions and provide updates about the process.  She managed to get my case expedited so that I could be with my husband prior to his deployment as he is in the military.  She works extremely hard for her clients and she's the reason I get to be with my husband after all.  Thank you so much!"    -M.T., Client

"I have used the services of Sabrina Damast's office for several of my cases.  She has been extremely detailed and dedicated.  I truly appreciate having her on my team as her assistance has been invaluable to my office for brief writing, research, and case strategy advice on complicated criminal-immigration cases." - L.B., Attorney, Burbank, CA

"Sabrina simply did an amazing job with my case!  When I first moved to the US,  I was doing a postdoc in stem cells and I was on a J1 visa.  Sabrina helped me with my green card application.  She really put lots of effort into understanding my research and also did an amazing job at describing my work in a way that was understandable to the immigration agency.  I am extremely grateful to her for her awesome job!  Based on my personal experience I do strongly recommend Sabrina to all the scientists that like me are interested in applying for the green card.  I would definitely choose Sabrina again!  She is the best immigration lawyer I have ever met!" - F.G., Client

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for the effort that Sabrina put into our case.  We were petitioning for my husband’s residency through an I-601A.  We had previously submitted with a prior attorney and were denied.  We truly wish that we had started with Sabrina from the beginning.  Sabrina not only has the brains it takes to file and handle the processing but she has the heart that provides you comfort while you are going through this intimidating procedure.  From day one she proved that she would be in the trenches with us and that is what you need when you are going through this course.  She personally handles your case, you are not dealing with an attorney’s assistant, who has no personal connection with you and refers to you as a case file number.  This process is not easy, it is tedious, daunting and tiresome; you want someone like Sabrina going through this with you.   She is attentive, puts in the long hours, and spends the time explaining the process out to you.  She has truly played a vital role in our lives that we will never forget.  We highly recommend Sabrina as well as are extremely thankful for all that she has done for us."

-M.P. & A.P., Clients

"I would highly recommend Sabrina.  She is very knowledgeable, calm, confident, honest and extremely professional.  She helped me with my green card. Sabrina really cares about her clients!  She will always be there when you need her on the phone or over email to answer your questions. Best lawyer of all times!" - M.J., Client 

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