I spent my first day as a solo practitioner providing free legal consultations to people in Tijuana, Mexico.  The legal fair was held at Casa Del Migrante, an organization serving deportees and refugees.  At least half a dozen attorneys from Southern California made the trip.  As always, I was amazed at the breadth of knowledge my colleagues possess, and the compassion that they constantly display.

Almost everyone I spoke with had suffered the traumatic consequences of a removal order. Some of them had been deported only a few weeks ago.  Many of them still had family in the United States, including young, U.S.-citizen children.  Thinking about their broken families was heartbreaking, but hearing their resolve to find a way to continue supporting their relatives, even from Mexico, was inspiring.  Some of them will be able to apply for lawful immigration status sometime in the future; a few are even able to apply now.  Many of them just needed to know what their options were, even if those options did not include a return to the United States.  I hope my advice will help some of them to plan for their futures.