From time to time, I find a great unpublished case whether a circuit court really goes to town with the Board of Immigration Appeals.  Today I found one from the Eleventh Circuit that I wanted to share.

Zheng filed a motion to reopen based on changed country conditions in China - namely, an increase in enforcement of the One Child Policy.  He submitted three reports which the Board of Immigration Appeals refused to consider because it determined they were incomplete.  The Eleventh Circuit, after reviewing the evidence, determined that Zheng submitted the entire contents of the first report.  Although he only submitted selected chapters of the second and third reports, he submitted the table of contents for each of these reports, demonstrating that he submitted the chapters relevant to his claim (and saved a lot of trees by not printing the rest). As such, the Eleventh Circuit found that the Board of Immigration Appeals abused its discretion in denying the motion to reopen and remanded the case for further consideration.

The full text of Zheng v. Attorney General can be found here: