Joel Magnuriu applied for adjustment of status during immigration proceedings based on an approved I-360 petition classifying him as the abused spouse of a US citizen.  The Immigration Judge denied his application on discretionary grounds.  While on appeal, USCIS issued a notice of intent to revoke Manguriu's I-360, and because he did not respond to the notice, USCIS revoked the I-360.  When the case reached the First Circuit, the Government argued that the case was moot, since even with a remand, Manguriu had not relief available to him after the I-360 petition was revoked.  Manguriu argued the revocation was invalid because USCIS sent the notice of intent to revoke to the wrong address.  The notice was not in the administrative record, and the First Circuit determined that the Board of Immigration Appeals needed to supplement its findings on the issue of the revocation of the I-360 before it could decide whether a remand was warranted or would be fruitless.  

The full text of Manguriu v. Lynch can be found here: